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• 2011 Grammy
Awards Nomination

Mix and Master Music with ArtOfAudio

NEWS Kamal M. Engelsí production of The Gyuto Monks of Tibet Pure Sounds (recorded, mixed and mastered at ArtOfAudio studios) has been nominated for a Grammy Award in 2011, in the category of Best Traditional World Music Album.
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ArtOfAudio mastering provides more than just a technical solution to this requirement. Our priority is a musical approach to recording, mastering and mixing music, and to refine and polish the audio material on a CD as a whole, artistic, musical expression. With today's computer based tools it almost seems that anybody thinks they can mix and master a CD to be "technically functioning", and that mastering music tracks is easy. But it takes the experienced ears of the mastering engineer combined with the skills of a trained musician to bring out the best in your music in the final product.


Recording and mastering is a science and an art form. It applies technical skills, but then expands on it as a unique expression, supporting the vision of the musician and the music, adapting it to the requirements of a wide range of sound reproduction systems in day to day applications and environments.

ArtOfAudio mixing and mastering service offers an excellent technical standard and mastering engineer Kamal M. Engels applies his 25 years of experience in the music industry to bring your music alive and dynamic to your audience.

Byron Bay Recording Studio: ArtOfAudio Mix and Mastering Service - 5 Robinsons Rd, Mullumbimby, NSW, 2482, Australia - (02) 6684 1000