Rebalancing Your Diet: Our Tips For Success

“Keeping motivation throughout the process is one of the factors of success. To help you maintain it, being followed by a health professional is a great help.”

Also, we offer some tips easy to implement every day!

Put reminders on your smartphone

Take my snack, make an appointment with my doctor, place my order Insudiet, visualize yourself to the goal … You can use your phone as a real “reminder.” These reminders will strive to maintain a good dynamic throughout your process.

List the benefits

Write down on paper all that you will gain, both physically and psychologically, by reaching your health goal: put on my favorite jeans, participate in the swimming class with my friend, feel less breathless when I get to work … plan to be aware of the change your nutritional approach will bring you. To feed your motivation, regularly review this list of benefits.

Create a “rewards” basket

Write non-food rewards ideas on paperbacks and place them in a basket. For example, going to the movies, shopping, getting a massage … As soon as you reach a goal (for example: “I have controlled my quantities without refilling myself”) draw a paper. Reward your small daily victories by giving yourself a well-deserved pleasure. Do not worry, even if you crack it is nothing serious! The mistake is a step on the road to success … as long as you understand the lesson.

Remember to look in the “rearview mirror” all the work that has already been done. Be proud of your daily successes. Every success, even the smallest, is a step closer to the success of your approach. There is no better encouragement than to see that the work has borne fruit.