Getting Your THC Fix With Double Chamber Bongs

a man while smoking

These days, there are so many ways to get your medicinal marijuana fix. It could be anything from the following: joints, blunts, edibles, wax, oil or even Thai sticks. However, despite the rise in creative methods of achieving a CBD high, most medicinal marijuana smokers consider the bong to be their go-to-choice. Nonetheless, the glass instrument brings a whole new level of complexity to the marijuana debate. Given that the laws in Australia are likely to change, as reflected in Canberra, recreational marijuana use could be legal soon everywhere. Here’s everything you need to know about double chamber bongs, specifically in terms of how they work and some of their key benefits.


How does it work?


Put simply, this glass instrument consists of a simple water pipe. The smoke passes through a glass centre filled with water, which eventually produces a cool, mellow flavour. Most instruments are variations of the same overall structure, which consists of a water-filled centre and a tube extending from the bottom. The mouthpiece is near the top of the smoking part of the device.

No matter what type of shape it is (beaker, straight-tubed, round-based), the larger the device is the more smoke is needed to fill it properly. Naturally, double chamber bongs have two spaces holding water as opposed to one, meaning you’ll need more herb to produce an adequate amount of smoke.


What are they made from?

Most smoking paraphernalia is made from either glass, metal, plastic, ceramic or even bamboo. The more expensive options are generally made from glass or metal, whereas plastic utensils are on the cheaper side of the scale.


Why is it better?

man with smoke on his mouth

Some people prefer double chamber bongs because of the enhanced filtration. Indeed, because the device has two separate water spaces, the smoke is filtered twice via two separate cavities. This helps reduce the risk of throat burn, while providing the user with a cooler, cleaner and crisper smoking experience. If you are someone willing to invest more in your smoking paraphernalia, you should certainly consider upgrading to a dual device.


How much do prices vary?

Naturally, double chamber bongs are generally more expensive than the average single-centred device. However, prices can vary from insanely cheap to downright, ridiculously expensive. This is largely predicated on your retailer and chosen brand. For example, products from JM Flow Scientific, HOPS Glass, Trap Glass, Empire Glass, US Tubes, Seed of Life or ZOB Glass will generally attract a far heftier price tag. To put this in perspective, a single-centre product from JM Flow Scientific will set you back close to $300.

If the $300 is a little out of your price range, consider switching to more budget smoking brands. If you want a cheaper range of double chamber bongs, then Dhop Glass, Agung and Black Leaf have some great, cheaper priced products to ensure you can still get your THC fix without breaking the bank. For example, an Agung’s range of double chamber bongs start at $42.95, including GST.


When are double chamber bongs useful?

These devices work well in a variety of circumstances. Firstly, they are great for sharing. So, if you are at a party of social gathering, your device will be able to produce enough clean smoke to be shared around with several people. Smaller devices generally can’t produce enough smoke for several people, so therefore the larger devices are more desirable for the social smokers. Permitting your device is being used for legal reasons, larger smoking instruments also provide a cleaner smoke and taste, largely because the smoke has been filtered several times as it passes through each separate part of the device.

So, if you think you could benefit from some new smoking paraphernalia, do not hesitate and start researching today!