Facts About Doctors Who Are on Call

Everyone in this world needs medical help occasionally. Doctors on call are considered to be our saviours, and without them, almost all life would cease to function. Whether it is on daily visits to the hospital or even emergency cases, doctors on call are always there to help people overcome any health issues or problems.

Now it happens to be the fact that people often try to avoid being hospitalized as much as possible. In some cases when the patient is considered to be deemed unfit to visit the hospital, he or she can opt to be treated in their own home. This can happen when the patient is too ill or as in most cases, too old, to get out of their house and go to the hospital by themselves. Being treated with their friends, family and loved ones beside them is something many people wish to have. Thankfully, with the on-call service provided by hospitals and doctors, this has changed into a reality.

Being a 24 hour doctor can mean different things. Sometimes it so happens when a doctor needs to be called to people’s homes to treat the patient. These can be a part of daily or periodic visits. More so, it can be when an emergency has occurred, and the given patient cannot reach the hospital or doctor’s chamber as it is quite a struggle.

Facts About Doctors Who Are on Call

Another time is when in residency, a doctor is on call when he or she has to stay the night and cater to the needs of the patients whenever required that is he or has to be present whenever called. Moreover, the doctors are in charge of treating the new patients who often have to be admitted during the night time.

Doctors have a lot of pressure and workload on their shoulders when they are on call. A given doctor may have to work continuously for 36-40 hours without any sleep. Thus, they are basically on duty for 24 hours a day. With diseases and symptoms creeping up at unusual times of the day, it is, in fact, important for doctors to be present to notice all these changes to treat the patient better. Critical and severe cases where the patient might have an emergency at any given time, doctors on call are the only support they can rely upon.

These doctors are a boon to the patients and their family in general. They are the reason why patients get to be treated whenever necessary and not having to wait until the morning to address the medical issue. But seeing this from the point of view of doctors is also important. They miss out on a lot of things while being on call which people of other professions generally don’t. Family dinners, hanging out with friends at the movies or even resting in the comfort of their own home, these are the little things the doctors often sacrifice in order to look after the sick patients. Thus, these doctors on call can be called nothing short of miracle workers.…